about me

I know you want to see those blue eyes and that beautiful smile on your screen. But this blog is temporarily offline. After years of laziness, I got the courage to straighten up some messy stuff here, like the tag page, some of my old (creppy) edits and all the posts without an identification. Soon, this simple blog will also bring to you news of Chace's career, so you can be updated about the movies, tv shows and events.

PLEASE: remember this is not a "source" page. The edits are made to be posted here and stay here. I'm not here for credits, I'm here to have fun but it takes time. So be nice. If you need an icon, gif, edit, anything else, I'm gonna make it to you with all my heart.

If you follow me for a long time, you know I'm not a mean person and I love all of you. I hope you guys understand what's happening and still hanging in there. I'm thankful for the support you give to me.

I promise it'll be online again as soon as possible 'cause, just like you, I miss seeing his face. Meanwhile, you can ask anything. Ask box is open, still scrolling.